The Social Collegium (KlubbmA�steriet), that works in the bar at the Law Studentsa�� House and organises all the parties and our popular Thursday pubs.

There are those who say that the there is no student life in Stockholm. We who are a part of the social collegiums knows that this is not true. There is an active student life, and you are most welcome to join.

Just as The Law Association, The Social Collegium was founded in 1907 and has since then worked towards an active student life. The Social Collegium is presently, memberwise, the largest committee in the Law Association. Therefore, do not be surprised if the one sittning next to you in the library might serve your beer next Thursday at the pub!

The Social Collegiuma��s primary task is to make it easier for the hard-working law student to in a cosy environment spend time with friends. Therefore we have a pub at the Law House every Thursday. This is not all! The Social Collegium also host a number of parties every semester.

Our active members are divided into four a�?party teamsa�?, each led by the a�?barchefa�?. These party teams are responsible for the pub once a month and a few parties each semester.

Do you feel like joining and becoming a member of this happy crowd, please email

Amanda Eriksson TA�rnqvist



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