The Athletic Committee (IdrottskommittA�n) offers sports in Frescatihallen.

Ita��s never too late to participate in JFa��s acitivities and it will definitely make your time here more fun!

Through the Athletic Committee you have the oportunity to participate in and influence the athletic activities in the Law Association. The Athletic Committee works towards connecting our members interest of sports and in that way build bridges between the semesters and/or business life. We arrange floor ball A�tournaments, backpacking in the mountains, ski trips and participate as judges at the Proppen (a volleyball tournament for our first-term students). We are also the organizers of the Lawyersa�� floor ball A�tournament. Every week all members of the Law Association have the opportunity to play floor ball, soccer and badminton at Frescatihallen.A�Are you interested of joining the Athletic Committee or have questions about the athletic activities, please send an email to



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