The Law Students’ Association (JF)
at the University of Stockholm

JFa��s aims are to offer its members a wide range of activities in practically all areas that can be of interest to students. This includes free sport, contacts with the business community, student parties, seminars and exchanges with other Law Student Associations in Scandinavia. JF has a magazine called IusbA�raren which is distributed four times per year to all members and also to members of the business community.

JF is a non-profit organization and its work is carried out by students organised in different committies and groups. The Association is led by the Board, which has 12 members. The Associations’s highest decision-making body is the Annual General Greeting (AGG) open to all members.

JFa��s offices are located at the Law Students’ House (Juristernas Hus), situated next to Aula Magna on Frescati campus. The building, that was built for JF, is designed by the famous architect Ralph Erskine and was opened in 1990.

JF tries to make your study time as enjoyable as possible. We organise a range of different activites, pubs and parties. JF consists of several committies and groups including the International Law Student Sponsorship, which as the name suggests targets overseas students.


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